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LOL it is quite attainable all I have to do is get in top 10 real quick...I am working on it...

All kidding aside it was little bit difficult to compare the sticks since it had very soft natural gut PHT string bed installed while mine had BBO minus silicone. The only thing that it would be softer is full gut job additionally it had silicone and you all know that changes EVERYTHING. Case in point, try stock LM Racial and try my silicone-d LM Radical and you have 2 different sticks...

It is my opinion still that this racket is a Pure Drive + (Swirly) which is stiffer than 2001 PD + team with silicone and lead and nat gut to add some comfort. Time to hunt down some PD Team + Swirly's and get to modding (PHT+Gut + Lead + Silicone) to have a true comparison.

That being said we both were quite scared to really give it a true whack since I was freaked out that I will drop the racket and damage it somehow, (like PowerPlayer did the other day lol) BUT the racket is true beauty and its a true testament that you don't need anything over 12 oz to return those HEAVY, HEAVY local park heroes serves like many here on TT will lead you to believe.

All in all this racket is an amazing find at any price point since its nearly impossible to get it on **** and similar sites (unlike h22 pt57 and rest of the clones...) in this paint job combo especially. Not to mention this rackets history which really kick started Babolat's popularity in US after seemingly unknown junior, 1 yr after switching to PD + , had a break through year.

To copy and paste and save some typing READ THIS:

The background of the Roddick's Babolat Pure Drive + is that Benhabiles’s player was an American junior almost no one had heard of, Andy Roddick. “I didn’t know much about him,” concedes Brownlee, who at the time was working for Prince. Back then, Roddick didn’t have a big reputation; in 1999, he lost in the first round of 2 of the junior grand slam tournaments. Volkl was the only other cooperation willing to give Roddick a racket, but he decided on Babolat because of his coach’s relationship with Appino.

A year later everything changed. Roddick won three out of the four boys’ majors and became the No. 1 junior in the world. Other juniors took notice, especially of his monster serve. Some actually phoned Babolat in France, to see if they too could get “Andy’s racket.” “If he had been out there with a broomstick,” says Rick Macci, who coached Roddick between ages 9 and 14, “I think people would have wanted to try a broomstick.”

Lastly its only fitting for BobFL, fellow TT-er who is know in our neck of the woods as "Cannon Serve Bob", to obtain a racket that set an official ATP serve speed record as if great serving sticks somehow gravitate towards those who can actually utilize their magic

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