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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
What's a month of frustration now you're happily blasting hitting partners off the court, right?! ...

Another qsn I'm afraid H ... What's your grip/handle set up there on your APDGT+?


I'm a 1/4 grip and under the handle I've got two 7 gram lead fishing weights. I've actually covered them tightly with a balloon and that stops them from rattling. It's very solid and I like it much better than lead on the handle. When it's on the handle, I can not tell any difference in the size but on some sticks, it deadens the feel. Call me crazy but I can tell a difference.

Bob, is that a Tag Heuer watch in the picture, it has that distinctive look
I think someone called the cops because you wouldn't stop screaming "look at the size of it". R2473
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