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Default Thrift Store Racquet Specials!!

I didn't have a wood racquet in my possession when I began my collection in February 1997. When I was inspired by my stringer's wall collection of old racquets I searched out 80 thrift stores over the next three years and purchased in good condition my first thousand racquets. They were mainly from the 1960-1990 period but there were many many great buys. My favorite experience was going to one of these thrift stores in a nearby city and when I was leaving with a few "treasures" I encountered a homeless person who seeing my rackets from the store indicated he had rackets to sell me. He took me to his "shelter" and he offered to sell me a dozen rackets including one like Margaret Court used to win the Grand Slam in 1970. I couldn't believe my good fortune! Naturally I accepted his offer very quickly!

I haven't been on the "thrift store circuit" much in the last ten years but those were exciting days!! I have listings of every racquet and price in my collection of 4200 racquets and it is great fun to review that initial phase of my tennis racquet collecting history. Also, I really came to a rich appreciation for the work that thrift stores do in every community!
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