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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
V/interesting... I've def had issues with lead on the butt with my APD (use just 2 overgrips, however, i don't like it that I can feel the lead)... think it's high-time I investigated alternative, but easily reversible, methods.

I don't know how people uses just 2 ogs instead of a grip on a 70ra Babolat. The feel is similar to leather IMO and that works well on a Wilson or Head but even going with a really thin replacement grip on the Bab made me feel a bit more shock than I like and I went back to the Syntec.

I use Tourna in the summer and Wilson Pro in the fall. For the humidity, Tourna is the only thing that lets you really grip the stick but it's shock absorbing is not the greatest. I'll retry the Bab Skin Feel grip this fall when I go back to the thicker OG.
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