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Originally Posted by The Dampener View Post
Keifers, how significant is the heavier weight when going from the 100 to the 200T? Is it prominent? Noticeable? Negligible?

I'm curious about the frame, but I suspect you're a younger, stronger hitter than me.
I can't really give you a direct comparison, Damp. I went from the AG100 (336g/11.85oz) to the KPS88 (~370/13) to the 1 stripe POG OS (364/12.8 ) to the 200 Tour (352/12.4).

I'm really a heavier-stick player -- even now, while I'm enjoying the PK BA93 (337/11.9) so much for its precision and crisp feel, I immediately notice the benefits when I break out one of my heavyweights. There's more oomph and authority in every shot.
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