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Greetings AG4D200 Tour members!

Originally Posted by bee View Post
It's pretty heavy, and, to me, it didn't feel very lively at all. So, club would be a pretty good description.

My favs are Head PT630's (older racquet), and this Dunlop feels somewhat heavier and with more of a dead feel. Perhaps some people like that.

I will try it again before putting it up for sale.
Been circling this rack for ages and there's a good chance I'll give it a whirl soon I think (not much of a demo possibility though in UK, hence, my caution).

However, comments like it being heftier than a PT630 puts me off slightly... a tad confusing too as I've heard it swings a tad easier than the Reb 95 - which I personally found swings a bit easier than the capped PT...

I do wonder how it compares to the RD7 (frame I have recent experience of and 1 I'd imagine as having some similarities to the AG2004D Tour?)... if it was a bit more predictable and a touch less hefty (I'd even use the word 'moody' - which might chime with some of you who've ever used the RD7!) than the Yonex, it might really be my cup of tea, as they say.

I also wonder how the balance is... you know, like the specs indicate?... or is it a tad more aggreeably head-light, I wonder?

Anyhow, as I say, I'm very tempted to give it a looky... I had some time with the AG100 mid (loved it for serving)...I do really rate the AG2004D (closed patt) but it's not quite for me... I like the head-size... like the open pattern... like what would appear to be a nice combination of (enhanced) control/(bring your own) power/touch and feel... I like some body and heft... but is it too much body and heft?... could I maneuver the thing without using a hydraulic lift!? ...

Guess there's only really 1 way to be sure...

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