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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Er... I can't demo it where I am...

Okay, no more qsns (I know I've asked a ton of qsns about this rack in the past)... you know what? I'm just going to buy it.

Will report back once I've hit with it.



No Ross !!! DON'T DO IT !!!!

There are so many racquets out on the market... what about the 4d100? the BLX90 and 95... Head Speed 16x19 with an extra .2in length leaded-up... the Youtek Radical Oversize with silicone in the handle, lead @ 12 and a poly @ 40lbs. An APDC GT customized to your liking. A K88 with natural gut @ 50lbs. is the equivalent of a supermodel in your hands-- feels so good at the time, but will cost you $$$$. A POG... the Diablos are back in stock!!! That money could well go towards a rare frame from the past or a pro-stock frame.... There are too many possibilities.

BTW-- Written with complete sarcasm.

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