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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
No, it does not work for #1, whose name is Rafael Nadal.

And if you mean Roger Federer, than he himself acknowledged that he was a natural baseliner, and that his backhand was often picked by his opponents as his weakness.

In short, in the modern tennis where topspin-heavy baseline exchanges are the norm and the net play is an exception (which used to be the opposite), 2HBH is superior because of its stability, reliability and higher possible contact point.

Federer won 16 majors not because of his backhand, but in spite of it. He used his other weapons, namely the serve and the forehand, to win them. In a few years from now after he retires, there will be zero one-handers in the top 10.
Yes there will be a new number one with a 1 hander. Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, please welcome Grigor Dimitrov. The next Federer, the next GOAT.
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