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The OP's assumption is that everyone needs to embrace one or the other. I'm with AhmedD in that I believe that there's plenty of room for both in anyone's arsenal, along with a good slice. In the same fashion that it takes extra time to learn good all-court skills to become a more complete player, it also requires more time and effort to learn both topspin backhands, but they're both potentially quite useful.

Anyone who thinks otherwise ought to pause and figure out whether you're more in favor of one style because you couldn't learn the other. No crime if that's the case. A vast majority of players have a stronger aptitude for one style over the other. We're funny like that.

The power baseline game... yeah, okay. Although I can swing a racquet rather hard on short notice with a 2hbh, my racquet speed is much greater with my one-hander. Hands down, no contest, blah-blah-blah... and I've been using the two-hander for most of my life. I only learned a good working one-hander a couple of years ago (remember that snippet about our individual aptitudes?) and the only downside with it for me is the extra fraction of a second that it takes me to put it on the ball. For short notice, the slice and the two-hander have me covered.

Hit two-handed on both sides if you have to, right? Whatever works better for you. Carry on...
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