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Originally Posted by Manus Domini View Post
at the baseline game, the one-hander is pretty important for net game, their specialties, you know
that's why both Federer and Lendl, two of the greatest baseliners use a 1hbh? I’ve had to switch to a 1hbh from a 2hbh which was actually probably my best shot due to a wrist injury. There are pros and cons to both. Hitting a 1hbh can be a more natural and relaxing shot to hit, give you more reach (less steps to take to set up), easier to hit low balls with. The 2hbh has some serious advantages though. Easier to hit high balls, hard balls that give you less time to set up and the return of serve. Having to swap grips between forehand and backhand is what makes the 1hbh very difficult. On my 2hbh I would barely have to move my grip and would never more it on the return, letting me step in and hit aggressively. The 1hbh return is probably going to be the biggest killer for me, especially against hard servers.

Timing is another HUGE point. With 2 hands, your forehand and backhand hit the shot at about the same location in front of your body. With a 1hbh you have to time and ball and hit it further in front of you making it a much more diffult to time. That’s why you see so many people shank the one hander. I used to never shank my backhand, now it’s fairly common.
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