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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
For real... I got a pretty good condition 200G Black Max Pro the other day for 1 GB pound (about 2 bucks!)
Ross, if that's the same one whose photo you posted in the other thread, that's a Max 200G Pro. (And if not, ne'er mind.) The Black Max was an earlier racquet: not as highly regarded as the Max 200G, but a sweet stick nonetheless.

My best is less impressive than much of the thread, but I'm fairly new at thrift-shop-combing. For US$10 I got a Jack Kramer Autograph with dark blue string that I believe is Blue Star, a Yonex Carbonex (white with black trim), and a Black Max. The BM and the Kramer are in beautiful shape. The Carbonex, which I didn't even know about before a recent thread here, hits nicely, but the paint is starting to get those horizontal cracks on the shaft that woodie paint jobs get.
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