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Member too, just obtained 3 M PRO No1 98 (320 gram unstrung), all in good condition

Gripsize is L3, Fischer's Sorb Tack feels good too but I will still put some thin white overgrip on it. As this stick is heavy, flexible and has 16 main strings I will use some thick poly string in it at about 25 kg I think.

They will be threatened as expensive pieces of art, therefore they will get some protection tape on it (always good to do that). However as this stick is 2.5 cm width on top I will need to find a tape with a width of about 4-5 cm. Hard to find I am afraid. Right now I got protection tape of 3 cm width which will turn out to be a little to small.

Time to get some grommets, any suggestions where I can find them? Can I use Pacific grommets (as their X Force is just a reincarnation)?

I am so happy with them. They were hard to find, but the search was worth it. Up to the next hunt: the M-Comp 95 (330 gram unstrung). Not that I intend to play serious matches with it, but it must be great to play with it against significantly weaker players.

My NTRP rating is 3.5 btw.

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