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Originally Posted by GetBetterer View Post

Isn't this coming from someone who didn't read the entire article? O_o
I read enough of it to understand that you didn't summarize it. Are you seriously suggesting that you read the entire thing, understood it, and captured it with a paragraph that was only tangentially related to a small point made in the intro to the paper?

I'm just calling you on the bs man

As I previously stated, there is a certain point in which racket head speed travels faster than you can make it, and believe me, humans cannot travel faster than the speed of sound so this article is very relevant to your question and what I have stated.

Power comes from all of your bent joints, each and every one of them.
These two statements appear to contradict each other. If the racquet is travelling faster than the wrist can power it, then the wrist is passive, and power is coming from lower links in the chain, not from the joint.
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