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True, I believe I may have inadvertently conflated whip physics with the angular momentum channeling principle, simply because I first heard about the principle in that whip physics paper.

That said, I think when it comes to the high velocities involved in service mechanics, the angular momentum principle comes into play especially at the wrist.

There's an interesting thread where this was discussed in quite some depth. I reference one study where a nerve blocking agent was administered to the triceps of throwers. There was little effect upon throwing performance despite this, suggesting a passive role of the elbow joint in throwing.

Here's the thread (I've linked it to a post I made half way through it. The discussion gets interesting towards the end. Brian Gordon, John Yandell, and Dave Smith contribute also).

the consensus seems to be that there is probably complete passivity at the wrist joint, so pure momentum channeling, or what Brian Gordon calls "motion dependent torque". (Gordon remains agnostic on the passivity of the wrist joint due to lack of empirical data that answers the question definitively, but seems to lean towards it, like Yandell, based on observation and experience).

edit: just realized - you already contributed to that thread bhupaes!
Ah, well - the wrist is another matter, and pretty much everything we know know about it has been summarized in the thread you have referenced. I will leave that topic alone for now! As the saying goes, fools venture where angels fear to tread, and I don't want to look foolish...
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