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Originally Posted by Maestro Nalbandian View Post
That's what I'm worried about, the thicker tape will surely add weight to the head? I like to keep the head light balance of my racquet.
When I add Gamma head tape to my racquets, the weight increases by 0.2 oz (5.66 grams), and the balance shifts by 0.5 cm HH (0.2 inches). I put it all the way from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock.

Since I use an out of print racquet, I prefer to protect my stick and headguard as I do go all out on court. I've always used Gamma head tape so I am luckily used to this slight slight change in weight and balance. It is quite durable and protective, and all my PT's have their original grommets/headguards (15+ years old). As long as my sticks don't break, I could care less how it looks oncourt.
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