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Originally Posted by HFS View Post
I would agree with you 99.99999999% of the time. But this time, the opposing player had given up on the point well before the ball rolled onto my court from the adjacent court. He used the let call to bail himself out.
Well, OK. But the scenario you describe is rather peculiar.

You hit a ball. He decides not to look at it or chase it. Instead, he remains facing you, focusing not on you but on a ball that is rolling. So he can't know when the ball bounced twice.

Meanwhile, you are unaware that there is a ball behind you but can still declare that the ball appeared after you struck your winner but before it bounced twice but did not distract your opponent in any way. That is all mighty unusual.

I guess the best we can do is what the Code requires, which is that he call the let promptly.

I play with a lady who drives me nuts with this. If someone calls a let (either a ball rolling onto the court or a net cord), she thinks they are doing it to gain an advantage. It is no fun playing with someone who is that suspicious about things.
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