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I had a player from our opponents team hit a ball that rolled onto our court and hit my feet while I was preparing to hit a ball during a rally. I missed the shot and wasn't sure what happened. I looked around and saw the ball rolling away from my foot. As I looked over to the next court, both players from the other team were just standing there staring, waiting for me to go get their ball. I was hot. I sent the ball down to the other end of the courts interrupting two other matches.

I can't imagine watching a ball hit from my court roll into the feet of another player and not say anything. They were both ****ed because of how I hit the ball away, but neither one apologized for letting me get about an inch from rolling my ankle. When I called them on it they were just stunned.

I will always interrupt play on another court if my ball could possibly be a hazard. The other court may not know the ball is there and could easily step on it. A bad ankle sprain can last months, and I would much rather have the next court replay a point than end a match with an injury.
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