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Default Rogerís BLX90

Finally got hold of Rogerís actual, match-used BLX90! I will, as usual, post as many close-up and comparison pics (with my Roger K90s and the retail K90s and BLX90s) as possible, and also weigh it of course. Feel free to ask me anything, I will do what I can as long as it doesnít risk damaging the stick (you know my rules). Give me a bit of time to post the pics and respond to any queries as I will be tied up for much of next week, but I promise to get most of the pics up by next weekend. At this point, I also want to say thanks to posters like VGP, Yonie, JoelDali, Breakpoint, aimr75, Ericsson, TMCW140, drakulie, RFRF, Samster, Rabbit, MichaelChang, Jollyroger, Six.One.Tour.90FAN, Gino, Kenny022593 (where are you buddy?) and several others for making it worthwhile posting on these boards.....sorry about that, didnít mean to make it sound like an awards thank you speech Anyway, will come back soon with more pics.

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