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Default Diary of a Racketaholic

Diary of a Racketaholic

Been looking at the PSTGT+ and APD and APD/C in the last month or so. The PSTGT+ is actually a standard size that has had the extra . 5 " added later (fine work there Meaghan), and the APD/C is strung @ about 35 lbs... (oh crap)... so, yeah, I'm not going to say much about that, accept for this: 'noodle'...

Yesterday's proper session (and not just hitting with a bunch of bratty little kids) put me in bad mood. You see, having realized that my aging and lazy b-line game maybe required something more appropriate than the C10 which I settled on at the start of the summer (not quite enough of a monster, spinny, heavy ball, for me), but that hits less demanding than the tennis ball crushing oomph of the RD7 that I'd so appreciated at the beginning of this year (btw, for those who haven't had the pleasure, the best description I've heard for this beautiful but slightly unpredictable beast of a racket is 'bi-polar bear'!), well, my early impressions of both racks was this was the way to go... you want booming serve and big oomphing topspin groundies (and hitting fhs with this is just so incredibly addictive... ohhhh yeeeeees)... the APD (original with the black pj) has got it!... you want a far richer feel with less of that Serena-like big old chunky APD beam but a frame that can still produce huge power and good spin (specially with that added length)?... the PSTGT+ has got that covered as well!...

Or I thought so... with the APD, an old problem re-emerged, namely, how to customize the thing... with about 6g on the butt and 4g @ 12, the thing felt a bit too clunky and slowed down... having gone through a load of lead set ups this was/is an annoyance that I know, from past experience, can wind me up just as much as watching Andy Murray - and nearly as much as watching Gael Monfils ... anyhow, I've got to rethink the whole customization issue... again... Secondly, when I was warming up, I happened to look around the adjoining, not too packed courts, and noticed 5 players wielding the APD/C... now... I know this sounds petty and irrelevant... but this is a real turn off for me... at least no-one was carrying a black pj orig APD, but still... no, I don't like that... too common, man!

After a set with the APD, with the PSTGT+ the improvement in feel is instantly registered... this racket does what's required: gives a bit of assistance on 2hbh and serve, and hits a massive shot and you can really nail a ball (hits a bit flatter for me than the APD), when you've got the timing down... because there's no doubt about it - for the first time, I really noticed, in a negative sense, that extra length.

Anyhow, I know PP is going to lecture me about not leading up the APD at all (I'm putting my crash helmet on now!)... PED will have something to say too... I woke up this morning to hear the disappointing news that Wozzy has lost (have become a fan recently)... it already looks like winter has arrived outside and we're still in early Sept?!... I don't know when I'll be free for tennis next week... I have about 35 frames I need to put on fboy before my lady kicks me out the house... Oh... and I wish Fed Kennedy would stop his very head-turning posts about the YT Extreme Pro - LOL!

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