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Originally Posted by Fabfed View Post
Sorry guys, don't think I will post any more pics on this thread, I'm way too disappointed, stayed up all night/early morning and this happens, I'm pretty sure Rafa's gonna win in straights tomorrow over Nole. Will just stash this stick away with the rest and move on, too painful
Hello Fabfed

BounceHitBounceHit and I were at the match and were quite devastated to say the least. Djokovic played great but nonethless that does not ease the pain. Thanks for all the posts of your impressive Federer collection. We have deemed you as the #1 ranked ******* in the world. Coming from the two oldest *******s in the world this is only with the utmost sincerity, envy and respect. Since everyone is asking for specs on the Fed frames I am curious to the size of the power pads used (height, length, width).

Thanks in advance
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