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Yeah!... fantastic!... awoke to learn His Haughty Highness King Fed here... - he got beat!... okay... true... I might not want Novak flying my plane, but he's a great player and a fun guy.


Sorry buddy. I've looked but can't find much info on... I'll say this though, are you really sure you want to undergo... ("Cough, cough")... 'the procedure' ... Seriously, I've long wanted to look at XL size frames again (I use to play the PD+ years back and have played the Ra TT XL a bit as well), there's no denying the advantages therein imo, however there are also negatives and they do take some getting used to.

BTW I couldnt bring myself to use a APD though it felt preety good and hit some monster groundies, did feel awkward in the hand though at net. I have MBDS(must be different syndrome) and it is greatly exacerbated by living in California where it has almost become a sport.
Ha ha!... I've never heard that before - MBDS (must be different syndrome)!... I could have it mate I swear!... anyhow, I still don't think there's much wrong with not wanting to be one of the sheep (especially as it seems the APD is so MASSIVELY popular)?... perhaps next time I play the legions of North London Aerpro users will have decreased in number a bit?

PED, Cup,

Of course you're absolutely right, chaps. I may well just have to decide on just 1 and concentrate on that for a while... which would therefore mean deciding which appeals to me the most...

PROS... with the APD: the class A-like addictive pleasure of hitting topspin fhs and bashing out a 2hbh and serve, versus... with the PSTGT+: better feeling, equally big-hitting, more solid, better control, easier on the stretch, access to angles... CONS... APD: less control, poorer feel and touch, bigger head, stiffer, I seem to always be experimenting with lead set ups, everyone bloody plays it! ... PSTGT+: extra length creates timing issues and it can seem a tad unwieldly, less of a whooping topspin b-line machine sort of stick, less fun...

Right. Time for a cup of tea so strong I can stand a spoon up in it.

(Note to self: must resist urge to look up posts on "Novak's actual frame" which will doubtless start appearing in 'Pro rackets' section today... it can only lead to one thing: interest in yet more frames!...)

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