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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
For me, this is rather relative to the overall weight of the racquet. I'm currently playing with 8 point HL (strung), but that's mainly because the racquet is around 370g (also strung). With a lighter racquet, I tend to prefer the balance to become closer to the head to make up for lack of mass. I've never really thought of a rule of thumb for this, but if there were one it would probably be something like 1 point per 10g or so.
Quoted for truth: this is the key formula. It is not so much the balance itself but the balance relative to the overall weight of the stick you are using.

A more HL balance on a heavier stick will still have more relative weight behind it as compared to a lighter stick but with a less HL balance.

I think if you lead your APD up to the low 340g area, it will improve the feel and weight of the ball; HOWEVER, given your dislike of its popularity, you might not want to invest the effort

I still think you should concentrate on your PD +. If you are trying out 2 different sticks, the pd plus and the pst + won't "conflict" as much with your strokes.
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