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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
For me, this is rather relative to the overall weight of the racquet. I'm currently playing with 8 point HL (strung), but that's mainly because the racquet is around 370g (also strung). With a lighter racquet, I tend to prefer the balance to become closer to the head to make up for lack of mass. I've never really thought of a rule of thumb for this, but if there were one it would probably be something like 1 point per 10g or so.
Interesting. Thx.


I think if you lead your APD up to the low 340g area, it will improve the feel and weight of the ball; HOWEVER, given your dislike of its popularity, you might not want to invest the effort
In truth, we're okay on the popularity issue really as the black original APD has far less users.

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