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Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
Hello Fabfed

BounceHitBounceHit and I were at the match and were quite devastated to say the least. Djokovic played great but nonethless that does not ease the pain. Thanks for all the posts of your impressive Federer collection. We have deemed you as the #1 ranked ******* in the world. Coming from the two oldest *******s in the world this is only with the utmost sincerity, envy and respect. Since everyone is asking for specs on the Fed frames I am curious to the size of the power pads used (height, length, width).

Thanks in advance
Hey Geoff, really cool that you and BounceHitBounceHit were there to watch the match, now if only he had won...

On the power pads, I have measured them somewhat but it's difficult to get the length and height accurately because of their position inside the throat and I don't have a measuring tape, but its about 5, 9, 8 mm (height, length, width).
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