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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Diary of a Racketaholic
I have about 35 frames I need to put on fboy before my lady kicks me out the house... LOL!

My bride just let me pop for 2 new YT Prestige MP's from TW after listening to me whine about none of my multitude of frames playing the same and enduring a quest of myriad acquisitions and searches for frames.

I haven't put the dozen or so frames up on the big auction site yet.

she reminded me today of my promise....

Let's wish each other good luck and bravery as we embark on this perilous quest to clear inventory.....

I was going thru some of the planned sale items and I was getting very depressed....2 mint Prince Equipe MP's, a near mint Yonex Super RD tour a Wilson HH 6.3 MP a Prince Precision Graphite get the idea.

I love my new frames but selling off tennis racquets is going to be painful.

I am frantically trying to hide several.....
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