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Originally Posted by pistolTY View Post
Erm seth, pyrokid, max ply and meriko - you have over 2000 posts between you. Most of those are probably composed of ******** you think matters. You obviously have nothing better to do with your lives bar posting here otherwise why would you jump to someone's defense, whom you don't even know, over an item of theirs you haven't even seen?
Fabfed has a long time ago established significant credibility in matters Fed and has amassed quite a collection, much of which he has shared with folks on this board. Your post indicting his recent acquisition was a complete and utter fabrication (I suppose I could add you likewise indicted the item that you haven't seen) which now appears to be wholly mean-spirited (which only took 17 posts to be realized). I guess if I am going to spend my time during which I have nothing better to do I would just as soon spend it congratulating someone's nice find rather than using the same time making up stories for the purpose of trying to spoil someone else's experience on these boards. I think the first and last three letters of your username pretty much sums you up. In the words of the unforgettable Fez, "Good Day, Sir."

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