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Originally Posted by HiroProtagonist View Post
Thnx for the info and pics Dags!!!

I was mainly fretting about what kind of saw to use, hack saw seemed the most logical. Im just glad I have a MG Extreme to experiment w/ b4 the real test. I take it since u didnt mention ne, there were no complications or ill effects? Did u find the difference in balance and weight to be dramatic or negligible? I assume it doesnt affect it all that much, but as we all know, racquets and the smallest tweaks...........

Thnx again.
I find the difference in general between 27 and 27.5" to be quite dramatic - the extra length made so much more difference that I would have expected. The piece I cut off (which you can see on the table in the second picture) weighed 8 grams. Because of the large number of factors you're changing (length, weight, balance) in one go, you should notice the difference. Which is rather the point - if you didn't, why would you cut it in the first place? I was matching mine to a 27" racquet so knew what specs I was aiming for.

There were no complications at all. I measured and re-measured before I cut, but did it in one rather than a bit at a time. I was surprised how easy it was actually, I thought graphite would put up more of a fight! Unlike user92626, I didn't use any glue: my new pallets are held in place with double-sided tape, and the butt cap is secured with a staple gun.
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