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Originally Posted by peoplespeace View Post
Since beginning 2008 I have been travelling around the world (Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Mozambique, SE Asia, Japan, France, Sweden and Denmark (my home country) playing and watching tournaments as well as experiancing amazing cultures. As a youngster I played very little tennis (im 41 now) and I guess that my technique was around 2.5 early 08. I enrolled in an academy in Argentina with the declared aim of being able to qualify for the 1st round of a future within one year (much wiser now!!). I only stayed one month at the academy and learned nothing, at the end of the month I was bumped down to the group of beginners. I took lessons with several pros at other academies but learned nothing (as many of u will know most pros dont even attempt at teaching u anything that will take u to the next level fast even if u have the talent).

So I took charge of my one learning (video taping myself, reading books, online resources, reflecting (alot!)) and I would say that I am now a 5.0/5.5 and my plan is to work hard (and enjoy myself) with my tennis during the next year with the declared aim of being able to qualify to the 1st round of futures by mid 2011 (yes I said it and I mean it!).

So if u are an ambitious player (any age) and the same level (or slightly above or below) who has the same plans as myself but donesnt desire of have the funds to join a top notch academy, then im inviting u to join me anywhere in the world where the weather is nice and the facilities are in place and decent cost of living. I imaging ideally that we would be a group of 3 to 5 people/players renting a house/apartment near the place where we would train. We would play and drill some 4 hrs a day between ourselves as well a hire a player at future level (ie atp ranked around 500-1000) some 5 to 10 hrs a week to give us all experiance playing at the leve that we are aiming to reach (!! I kid u not). Monthly costs would prob be around 2000-3000 usd/months all exp included.

Our adventure would start this october and run a minimum of 3 months to 6 month. SO, if u are interested let me know. Comments, suggestions and advise are also very welcome
If that's True - that's self beleif right there , I salute you sir. I'm in Canada but I was looking for something similar next year - but I'm no where near 5.5. I still respect your cause. Good Luck.
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