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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
Ross, glad to see you actually started this thread. Now I have some place to post my racquet ramblings other than the old YT Rad Pro review thread.

My racquet collection keeps growing, as does my indecision as to what racquet I will ultimately choose. My current options range from my old trusty MG Rad OS, to the sampling of the YT Rad Pro, YT Prestige Pro, APDGT, and APDC. I thought I had narrowed the choice to the APDGT. But after the last two weeks, I just don't know.
What are your general feelings - pros and cons for you now - that you've spent some time with the Aeropro?

BTW, it's all a bit confusing with me at present as the 2 frames I'm into are quite different and there are a few other imponderables at present (like strings, tensions, customization, etc.) Being a no good, lowdown racketaholic too , as you'd expect, I'm pretty close to taking a peek at an Extreme Pro and, er, maybe another 1 or 2 racks that will no doubt totally send me over the edge!

Cheers Hit... feel free to post your racketaholic ramblings in here mate!

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