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Originally Posted by subz View Post
The Thin Red Line is beautiful ! Great cinematography, amazing music, great screenplay, and awesome acting by a great cast.

Its not a standard Hollywood action film and should not be viewed with that mindset...if you watch the movie with some attention you will be rewarded.
The demo disk for my Blu-ray player is cinematically beautiful also. That doesn't make it a great movie.

Thanks for the primer on how to properly enjoy "cinema" but I am very open-minded when viewing and there hasn't been a movie made that I was unable to comprehend.

While the TRL may have had a great cast, the casting for the movie was awful. What I said in my previous post was that the TRL was a great sleep inducer. For 98% of the population it will outperform Ambien. It's a movie only a film student could love and even one of those, speaking honestly, would admit to its shortcomings.
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