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Swan Song, no I didn't ask him about any sponsorship. To be honest I did not think of it, although that would have been a good question(maybe next year). It does seem he may still be sponsored by nike, cause he had on all nike gear.

What I could tell you about the racquet is it had the red primer, no stenciling inside the throat, and the original stickers seemed to have either fallen off or been removed long ago, "Midsize"on both sides no-"6.0", the grip seemed regular with tournagrip (very worn), and the butt cap on one racquet had been replaced. The other butt cap had the 3-letter code with the last letter ending in "Q". I do not remember if the racquets had a bumper guard. No vibration dampener.

I could tell you it was very cool to know I play with the exact same racquets as Courier, and know they are not paint jobs.

The best part was he was extremely friendly, took time to chat with me awhile, and easy going. He joked around a lot and kept asking if I was enjoying the tournament.
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