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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
Yes! Welcome to the dark side. You will soon find out the power of the dark side.... What are you stringing it with?
As I said this racquet kind of splits the difference between a radical pro (heft) and apd (spin). To me it feels like a 6.1 for dummies, solid stable and powerful, but some nice forgiveness, which I really appreciate.
Also, I can flatten the ball much easier than I can with other tweener type sticks.
Added bonus: no lead tape shenanigans to drive me nuts.

I typically use full poly. I have a couple different reels, but Turbotwist 1.18 is my favorite. I usually string in the low to mid-50s.

When the YT Extreme Pro comes in I will string it up the same.

And I agree about the lead. If I could find a stick that I like stock, it would make things so much easier. That was the main reason I thought I would give the Extreme a shot.
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