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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
I blame Fed Kennedy for this, but I just pulled the trigger on a YT Extreme Pro. I definately need counseling. I was getting ready to put a little lead on the APDGT, and realized that the stock YT Extreme Pro specs (at least according to TW) are pretty close to where I was going to end up after adding the lead. So I decided that I would test my wife's patience one more time and go with another racquet.

My feelings on the APDGT are good. It is a nice racquet and does a lot of things well. It volleys nicely assuming you use good technique and set up for it. It excells in defensive play as I found when I was really stretched or jammed, I could block the ball back with both pace and depth to keep points neutral. Serves nicely with good pace and spin. Baseline rallys are fun as you can generate loads of spin off both wings. You can really go after your groundies. And it seemed to swing easier than the YT Rad Pro, which I was directly comparing it with for the last couple weeks. So a lot of positives.

However -- and there always seems to be a however -- as I mentioned in the other thread I just can't quite generate that big heavy ball like I can with the YT Rad Pro. This is not to say I can't hit solid topspin with the APDGT, because I can. It is just that the Rad Pro generates a more penetrating heavy shot, which I attribute to the high SW. One of my hitting partners described it like this:

With the APDGT the ball had tons of spin but seemed to sit up more when it would bounce. So the ball gets out of the strike zone fast unless you take the ball early. Great for baseline rallys. But you really have to swing out to create that penetrating forcing shot. My backhand had less pace as well, but was solid.

With the YT Rad Pro, the ball also had tons of spin but the ball wouldn't sit up as much. The heavy topspin would take the ball into the opponent. I suppose the best way to describe it is the ball jumps at the opponent more than jumping up from the spin. My 2HBH also had more pace. As I mentioned, I think it is a function of the big SW of the Rad Pro and it is that same swing weight that can make me late -- as PED has mentioned as well -- when I face a flat hard hitter. The Rad Pro has better feel as well, which I believe is because of the flex of the frame.

I also found one other area that caused me some problems with the APDGT this last match, which has got me thinking I need to add a little weight to it. My opponent started pushing soft low skidding shots in around the service line after loosing a good number of points trying to rally from the baseline. It was a smart move. I found I had a lot of trouble hitting an offensive top spin return off these low skidding no pace balls. My shots were going long, so I had to resort to defensive slice returns - a lot of which were floating high enough that I was getting eat up by swinging volleys on my opponent's next ball. I switched over to the Rad Pro at a change over and it fixed the problem. Since they were slow paced shots, there was no problem setting up and the extra swing weight of the Rad Pro allowed me to hit very offensive topspin drives.

So I ended up having to switch racquets to fit the game style of my opponent. Not something I really want to do because it takes a little bit to adjust my swing for the different specs.

I figured that a little extra weight on the APDGT would potentially give me the best of both worlds, and I plan to try it. I plan to add a little lead on the handle first to see if that does the trick. But then Fed Kennedy started telling us about the YT Extreme Pro, and well I caved. Looks like I am adding another stick to the collection.

The great lead tape debate re the Aeropro is a royal pain in the derrière, no doubt at all... I'm soon to follow PED's advice and try the lead fishing weights method (have just today found somewhere not too far that sells them)... anyhow, my instinct is the frame needs a bit of firming up and general assistance... and basically, I agree with so much of what you say about the Aeropro, though for me, the jury is still out on precisely the kind of deep, penetrating ball I can or cannot hit with it... I've just had it sent to my stringer (Solinco Tour Bite @ about 52 - haven't decided tension yet tbh)... anyhow, that should help my assessment.

The YT Rad Pro was a frame I really wanted to like, but in the end I found it carried a bit too much weight in the hoop. I also suffered a bad TE-type injury at the time of using, and though I put that down to what I was doing just prior to hitting with the RP, I'll never forget that discomfort of trying to serve with this frame... scary shoulder/upper arm pains... the more head-light balance than I was accustomed to contributed to my troubles I think... I wasn't quite sure about that YT tech feel either... the pros though of this frame were that it hit a MASSIVE b-line topspin kaboomer!... my 2hbh was STELLA AWESOME with it... and, as you say, it has surprisingly good touch and feel. Funnily enough, like has been the case so many times with me, I think I'd get on with it a whole lot better now than when I tried it out... but I shipped this one out at the start of the summer.

The EP is a frame that appeals to me for precisely the reasons stated... starting with my old PD+, I've always enjoyed hitting the kind of ball that a frame like this is made for, but I've only lately decided to really embrace that and start prioritizing this aspect...

Qsn. Have you ever hit with the PSTGT? I ask because, for me, it indeed booms out a heavy, penetrating, solid, nasty ball,,, the feel is like the old Pure Controls... pretty lush actually... packs a lot of punch... a bit flatter in trajectory and certainly easier to find that flat nailer... a bit more all court... anyway, I'm due a match tomorrow (good opponent btw, which should help me get an enhanced impression of this still new to me frame), and I'm thinking of looking at this frame, and this frame only... er, though I'm sorely tempted to bring along that old PD+ of mine for a few games also... doh!
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