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@ develito......Nah im not a milionaire playboy, so sry cannot sponsor u
@ failed.........well before having students we need to have the "main group", however cannot see how u would save money by being a student as everybody would pay the same share of rent of apart/house and otherwise have the same daily expenses, ie food, membership of club, paying for the future level player that we would "attach" to our group (my idea is that the player with the highest level in the group would get more playing time with the future level player and the player with the lowest level the least time with the future level player, for obvious reasons, but everybody would contribute the same to this guys "salary", some 1-2k usd/month, depending on the country whare we would base ourselves).

With a group of 3-5 in a amazing country like Argentina this could prob. be done for as little a 1500 usd/month all exp. included!

@ Bud and Granitechief...... tx alot for the sugestions to do this in San Diego or Santa Barbara. Sounds awesome with all the great players and tournaments. My only concern would be that it would be difficult to get enough playing time with future level players within a reasonable budget and aspect is pivotal to achieving the planned progress within a year.

@SusanDK......Well I assume that the German system work much like the Danish and winter is coming up etc

Thank u to the words of encouragement that means alot and to the sceptics, without u guys I guess my journey wouldnt be quite the same so thank u for doing ur part @ spacediver....great thead on whip physics, btw.
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