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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Qsn. Have you ever hit with the PSTGT? I ask because, for me, it indeed booms out a heavy, penetrating, solid, nasty ball,,, the feel is like the old Pure Controls... pretty lush actually... packs a lot of punch... a bit flatter in trajectory and certainly easier to find that flat nailer... a bit more all court... anyway, I'm due a match tomorrow (good opponent btw, which should help me get an enhanced impression of this still new to me frame), and I'm thinking of looking at this frame, and this frame only... er, though I'm sorely tempted to bring along that old PD+ of mine for a few games also... doh!
I haven't ever hit with a PSTGT, so I checked out the specs. It looks very similar to the specs I ended up with using the YT Prestige Pro (overgrip and a little lead in the hoop to bump the SW up to 330). If it hits similar to the Prestige Pro, and based on your description it does, that would be a nice stick. I loved the feel of the YTPP, my problem was that in sustained rallys I eventually would break down because I felt the sweet spot was a little small. Once the ball got a little out of that sweet zone, the power seemed to drop substantially. In other words, the racquet is one of the best I have ever played with, it is just too much stick for me. My skill level isn't high enough to get the full potential out of this awesome racquet. I need something with a little more power and a bigger sweet spot that gives me a little more room for error right now.

So what are your thoughts on the the YTPP compared with the PSTGT. That may go a long way in telling me what I might think of the PSTGT.
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