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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
This just gets better and better...

Seriously though, I'd think it would be beneficial for you to post a video of yourself playing. Otherwise you're just another TW poster talking about wild dreams. If you say there are skeptics, well there always will be no matter what you do, but posting a video will at least let people understand better your level if they're interested in joining you.
In general video is not very good for discerning 3.5-4.5 levels where most of the TW posters play at. Video is however good at displaying beginners and low level players <3.0 and it is very good and displaying high level players 5.5+. So I agree, if this guy is anywhere close to the level he says he is playing at post a video and show all the skeptics they are wrong. Unedited matchplay video is the best.
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