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How very dare you! Xisca's lovely!
Oh come on now, it always kinda sux when a really hot guy has a gf! I'm not a big Xisca fan either, it won't change a damn thing, except perhaps for some personal satisfaction! lol.

I like her because she seems unaffected by her boyfriend's fame and she also seems very supportive. It takes a special person to date a guy who is young, good looking and away from you for a good portion of the year. Since they first started dating Rafa has gotten huge, as his gf she has to care about her appearance! I'm not talking a ton of makeup or perfect clothes all the time. But, for one of Rafa's matches she looks like she just got out of bed and showed up. She also wore the same shirt twice during the tourney. I probably sound really vain or superficial right now, but I'm not. It's kind of like why I think Mirka should lose weight. I'm not talking skinny skinny, but with all that money, a personal trainer won't hurt. She too is the wife of one of the biggest tennis players in the history of the sport, like it or not, these women are in the spotlight.