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Originally Posted by peoplespeace View Post
as for my self-rating im basing it on various things in randonm order: The description of the skills of the various levels in self-rating program, having watched some 6-8 futures over the past two yrs and played regularly with players who lose in the first round or qualis, having played no 506 in the world at the time in the 3rd round of an invitational (lost 6-0,6-0, but that was last year, ie looooong time ago), having progressed enough since early 08 to be able be beat my former self 6-1,6-1 (on avarage) twice over, if u know what I mean. The players in my club who beat me on average 6-2, 6-2two yrs ago, I know beat 6-2,6-2, having compared myself to the TW video posters that people agree are a strong 4.0 or a 5.5, having usually beaten a guy in Santa Monica last april who on the message board of the club rated himself a former 4.5 (not sure HE was correct though!
It sounds like you're using a lot of guesswork and relying on your performance based on ratings you've seen online. I really doubt you're even a 5.0 level player if you were a 2.5 player two years ago.

I dont agree that a 5.5 is a future level player as these are from 300-800 in the world (main draw), which would leave the remaing levels for the top 300 players in the world which would be absurd.
You may be correct here. However, if you were a 5.5 level player, you'd probably be able to compete with division 1 college players.
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