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Originally Posted by lilygotsilly View Post
Nadal questioned about his serve after his first round match said nothing of a grip change. oops - uncle toni should have been on top of this more - I have a feeling even he didnt expect the effect it would have on his nephew:

"You were hitting 130 miles an hour on your serve. Is there a change on your serve, or it had to do with the conditions or what?
RAFAEL NADAL: And wait. Wait for the next one, I going for 135 (smiling).
No, I am trying to serve a little bit more like Wimbledon because the ball here is very soft. Is not getting a lot of topspin. I try to play a little bit more flat. And for that reason, I am serving faster, I think. That's it. "
How do you think he serves flatter? Slight change of grip, so he doesn't put topspin on the ball.
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