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Originally Posted by ashitaka2010 View Post
I think it's great that Mirka doesn't feel the necessity of losing weight to please the standard of 'beauty'...hum... I mean the almost anorexic standard of beauty we have now. GO MIRKA.
And it's very refreshing to see a girl with no make up and who likes to wear clothes more than once (shocking indeed). GO XISCA.
I'm sure you're not that superficial, btw.
They may be not subversive women, but I like their 'f... the the standard' attitude.
I do too. I hate that society tries to dictate what women should be, how much they should weigh, what they should wear, etc.

I've seen so many women's lives ruined because they feel they don't fit certain standards. I feel for them, but at the same time it's their fault for trying to be what others dictate.

Most men like confidence, and nothing says confidence than being yourself.
When there are no troubles in the world, fools will create them.
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