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Lol Meg she does look like she just got out of bed and does seem to wear a lot of the same clothes many times that's true. I don't know if that is because she can't be bothered to travel with a lot of clothes, whether that's just how she is or whether she refuses to use some of Rafa's money for shopping.

Originally Posted by meg0529 View Post
It takes a special person to date a guy who is young, good looking and away from you for a good portion of the year..
really? It seems pretty easy you get to do what you want and enjoy the benefits when he's home, riding his boat, etc... But anyway apparently she finally accepted to go out with him after he won his first RG hmmm.
Anyway her looks are not the reason I can't warm to her (even though looking at pics from Rafa's usual hangout he is missing out on some serious STUNNERS). I admire men that can love a simple woman but I can't seem to warm to her because she seems stuck up! For someone that must have life so good (beautiful country, great friends, good family, great boyfriend, gets to travel for free, eat at good restaurants for free, friendly with his family, successful in school) she always looks so bloody miserable and hungry!! (there was reports she ate a dry salad while people around her ate juicy steaks). It makes me angry! My life is a bloody nightmare most of the times but it hardly reflects that! WTF has she got to be miserable about! She hardly ever cracks a smile, when she does happen to cheer she looks so bloody stiff. I also hate the fact that before they felt the need that she had to be protected..who the **** does she think she is Anyway I could rant about her all day Like I said before, Rafa loves his country, Xisca IS Mallorca to him so he will probably marry her. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those situation where they're married but he cheats on her on the side and she accepts it.

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