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I think it's great that Mirka doesn't feel the necessity of losing weight to please the standard of 'beauty'...hum... I mean the almost anorexic standard of beauty we have now. GO MIRKA.
And it's very refreshing to see a girl with no make up and who likes to wear clothes more than once (shocking indeed). GO XISCA.
I'm sure you're not that superficial, btw.
They may be not subversive women, but I like their 'f... the the standard' attitude.
I get what you are saying and you are right. But I'm not talking about being a glam doll or being anorexic ya know? I mean I don't expect that you have a wardrobe so vast that you don't need to change for a whole month. But it's just 7 appearances, at one of the most important events in your boyfriend's career. You know who you are representing. I think she really is very pretty, lovely skin, lovely hair. But how about just some chapstick? As for Mirka, I think she's pretty too! No need for her to lose a ton of weight, but some tummy toning won't hurt her. Then again maybe Rog likes em big =D