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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Hit it Harder I think you will freak out when you try the Tfight. I have read a lot of your posts and think I have an idea of what will work for you.

Ross, I asked in another thread, but this is a better place for it. What did you not like about the 320 v02? I want to say stiffness maybe? I have gone back to mine after having to go lighter from my 4d200. It is probably the closest to the holy grail as I have gotten when it comes to a stick that is perfectly suited for the modern game of power and control.

Only negative is it eats strings, but now that I have a string machine, I have made peace with that.
Yeah, I am keeping my eyes out for a Tflight 320 VO2 Max. I was just able to sell a couple racquets (thanks TW "for sale" section), so I have some cash burning a hole in my paypal account. The only thing that is a little worry for me is that the specs looks so close to the YT Prestige Pro (and the PSTGT for that matter) that I wonder if it is a little too much stick for me. The problem that I was having with the Prestige Pro, which is an awesome racquet if you can use it, had a realitively low swing weight and was pretty low powered if you hit the ball outside of the sweetspot. When I was on, this racquet was amazing. But when I was a little off, I couldn't take advantage of the racquet's great playability. I really need something with a little bigger sweetspot (why I gravitate toward 98"-100" frames) and some good pop to help when I am playing defense so my blocks and off-center hits still get back over the net with good depth and pace.

Have you hit with the YTPP? How does it compare to the Tflight 320?

Hopefully, my YT Extreme Pro will come in tomorrow so I can take it out for a hit this weekend. Otherwise, I may have to wait until Tuesday to take it out for a spin and post up my thoughts.
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