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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post

So what are your thoughts on the the YTPP compared with the PSTGT. That may go a long way in telling me what I might think of the PSTGT.

I've owned both and much prefer the ytpp. It's easier to use over a longer session in the heat when the pst will tire you out with it's heavier sw. The ytpp also changes gears better-the pst is nice in a steady rally but the ytpp is better at stepping up and ripping that nasty approach shot or putaway over the PST. I also think the control is better.

Serve is nicer too on the ytpp, the lighter SW will let you get some nice tip speed and it's great for spin and placement any where you want in the box.

The ytpp is quite finicky on strings as well: I loved all the Genesis products in there but didn't care for Luxilon. The irony is that I love Lux in most all sticks.

Given your description of your dislikes of the ytpp, I would steer away from the pst. Great stick but the ytpp is easier to use IMO
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