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Originally Posted by babbette View Post
watching precious right now. Only 13 mins in and oh my bloody gad!

Are there really mothers like the mother portrayed in this movie? too sad! Because there's no dramatic music yet it makes the scenes all too real already.....i'm scared to watch the rest.
The portrayal of the mother may be over the top at times, but the actress does give an excellent performance and it's a fine film. Stick with it.

Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
"Lebanon," made in 2009, now in release in USA. Interesting if only because the entire film is shot inside an army tank.
The entire film inside a tank? Is that all you see, or do you see what they are looking at outside the tank as well? How was it watching that for 90 or whatever minutes? The notion of that makes one long for the expansiveness of "My Dinner with Andre".
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