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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

I played again this morning (again just the PSTGT+ on its own), and, not surprisingly, am beginning to feel more dialed in generally and am getting a better feel for it (really worked on getting the racket back early)... served some aces, some flat bombers, which is great; my 2hbh is now turning into a weapon; and as re feel, I'm very happy... if this keeps up I might find it very hard to quit with this rack... will say I want to be able to swing smoother/easier (though today was an advance), and I'd like to get a more pronounced whippy, Western gripper-kind of b-line peppering fh (a bit more like the APD produces)...

Ross, good to hear you are seeing some success with the PSTGT+. I am hoping to get my first hit with my newly arrived YT Extreme Pro this weekend. I decided to string it up at the same tension and with the same string as my YT Rad Pro to get a better side-by-side comparison. I want to see how the racquets perform, so I guess the less variables the better.

I am putting a fresh set of strings in both racquets tonight and should get a pretty extended hit around on Sunday with a practice match as well. I will post up my thoughts on Monday. Once I decide between those two, I will do another play test against my APDGT.

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