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Originally Posted by HitItHarder View Post
Ross, good to hear you are seeing some success with the PSTGT+. I am hoping to get my first hit with my newly arrived YT Extreme Pro this weekend. I decided to string it up at the same tension and with the same string as my YT Rad Pro to get a better side-by-side comparison. I want to see how the racquets perform, so I guess the less variables the better.

I am putting a fresh set of strings in both racquets tonight and should get a pretty extended hit around on Sunday with a practice match as well. I will post up my thoughts on Monday. Once I decide between those two, I will do another play test against my APDGT.

Hit, everyone,

Really look forward to hearing your thoughts on the YTEP, and how it contrasts with the APDGT.

BTW, coincidentally... "Clears throat."... I should be hitting with the MGEP next week, as well as a AG4D200 Tour (been on my 'to demo' list for ages and ages and I've finally got the chance.) And just to top it off, I'll also be taking a look at the YT Pres Pro in the near future (my no. 1 'to demo' frame for months has suddenly turned up.) Oh brother... it's about to be raining rackets here - LOL!

Final little thought of the night here that I'm pondering re my recent hits with the APD and PSTGT+... when I ask myself just what the Aeropro might have over the generally pretty awesome PSTGT+, here's the answer... on the fh, with the APD, I can really line up very smoothly and tee off and find the ball, and absolutely whip into it, wind/wipe the hell out the ball, and access big, big, baseline-peppering topspin, etc.

For some reason, I've had this on my mind a bit today following the morning session... hmm...

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