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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Power Player,

Re your TF V02 320 qsn earlier, I found it a bit stiff, not quite for me re build feel, and it was overpowered, plus I didn't quite gel with its balance... all of which, in a slightly ridiculous, fickle manner, I'd probably cheerfully ignore now because it has many attributes I'm presently kind of looking for.

Ross, I too found it stiff last year and talked myself out of it even though I loved the racquet. Now that my technique is back to acceptable levels, I realized I was arming the ball when I just got back to tennis. Damn if this stick is not incredibly plush to hit with for being on the stiffer side.

For reference, once I hurt my wrist, I stopped using the 4D200. I went lighter with the 300Tour and also bought an apdgt. I used the apdgt for 2 days and deemed it now too powerful. Why? Because now I am properly setting up and using my body on every shot. I simply do not need THAT much power unless I am willing to go full poly at 55#s. I would rather go full poly at 48-50#s. Hence, the return to the tfight. I find the T-fight to be powerful, but not as much as the apdgt. It is just such a modern racquet, but it does not go all the way into full tweener land. I personally love the balance in stock form. It is 7 points HL, which is very nice for me.

The final thing which could help you is I finally appreciated the grip shape of a racquet. I love the wilson grip shape, and the Tfight's is similar. What it did was make going from semi western to conti way easier for me. So my net play improved instantly.

So if you are bouncing around trying a million sticks, get real anal about grip shape. I never was before, but it makes a difference if you go from western or SW to conti in transition to the net.
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