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PP ^^^,

Interesting post above... as I said, I regret not taking more time to groove with this frame. In theory for sure, so much about it would appear to be to my taste, including nice effortless power off both wings and on serve, decent touch, weighting and ease to swing. If the chance comes to look at it again (and maybe also a 325, which I have to say, appeals to me somewhat too), I'll certainly be more receptive than earlier in the year when I was looking for something slightly different.

Whether or not I'd prefer it over the PSTGT/PSTGT+, I'm not sure... and, to be clear, what I'm really looking at/for, due to my liking for the APD and PSTGT+, I'm breaking down into 2 slightly different kinds of rackets categories, although if 1 possesses all these traits that could be... "The One!"... )... 1), a powerful racket that suits a Western grip, is designed for b-line topspin bashing, and that really whips into the ball (specially on fh) and with which you can really swing smoothly and go after the ball and 'tee off'... 2), a racket that has decent feel, build, isn't too hefty or too light, has good control, possibly a bit more all court excellent.

BTW, I'm a fan of the TF grip shape.

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