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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
I just said that because the aerostorm tour is literally a stiffer pure storm tour with an aero beam.
The extreme pro is for slobs like me with vanity backhands who are too lazy to play 6.1 classics but still want to hit their serves hard.
Sounds perfect for me then LOL!... Actually, as of a few hours ago, I've now got an MG Extreme Pro (and 2004DAG Tour)... hope to hit with it next week and shall post thoughts in here.... just checking it out, bouncing a ball off the string-bed, a few admittedly cautious strokes in the garden, etc, I can envisage this having that kind of fluid, whippy, big topspinny, finds the ball easily, fh I so enjoy with the APD... but what else can it do? That will be revealing...

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